Driving lessons

If your new to driving, it can be a daunting thought getting behind the wheel of a car. We make the experience as relaxed as possible, moving at a pace which suites you and pushes you to improve at the same time.

We will not have a time limit for you. Everybody is different. We will be fair and honest, taking you from the start to the end at a level that you are comfortable with. At the end of the day the goal is to get your drivers license and to have you driving safely and confidently.

Pass Plus

After passing your driving test, why not improve your skills to make you a better, safer driver. Pass Plus will involve a more in depth look into motorway, country and city driving. We also cover these places at night time when driving is more difficult.

Re-introduction to driving

Have you got a drivers license and not driven since? The confidence you will have built up can fade away over time. We will give you the confidence to get driving again.

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